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When You�re �Paid In Advance� You Are Able To Handle Today�s Dramatic Change

As we all know, the digital revolution is steadily driving forward, and the emerging new economy represents a tectonic upheaval. We�re going to see as much change in the next couple of years as our parents saw in their entire lifetime.

What does this mean to you? Just this:  every business decision must be given its due in view of lightning-fast change. For instance, every time you now extend credit to someone you are in a precarious situation. Today�s suddenness of change, due to the technological and economic factors, now present in a fast-changing world is the reason.

So, for maximum protection, insist on payment with delivery. Whenever possible, work through your trade exchange, because then you�ll be more secure in your business transactions. After all, that way payment is always made in advance!

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