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What�s Scarier...Change Or Extinction?

Think back five years, recall what you were doing and how. Startling isn�t it? Did you ever envision that your job (and maybe your lifestyle) today would be so different?

And five years from now you can bet your situation will be different too, because we�re entering a period of permanent white water rapids, where challenges and opportunities will change � almost daily! In today�s diverse and impartial marketplace it�s impossible to fully anticipate and predict the nature and direction of change. But adapting ensures survival.

Progress is the unintended result of dynamic processes. The only certainty is that progress will occur; so we must expect it and position ourselves to take it on. Thus, random planning is required. We make decisions based on facts available today...informed hunches. But facts and information change. What we find out tomorrow may prompt us to alter our course of action.

Flexibility is what makes random planning possible. And our style of approach is crucial. We need the beginner�s naivet� � the ability to see many possibilities � coupled with the seasoned expert�s wise insights. Education prepares us for change. It introduces us to new concepts, new ways of looking at what we do. Education is empowerment. Learning happens formally and informally: in the classroom, and as a by-product of what we do and who we encounter day to day.

Peak-performing groups combine and balance random planning, flexibility, and education. They capitalize on the skills and talents of each member, while working together to accomplish the mutual goal. Mentoring � not control � is crucial. With control, nothing new ever happens. Whereas with mentoring, groups set their sights on new possibilities, new ways of approaching an opportunity.

Peak-performing teams work together � linked to one another with a common goal. Everyone assumes the responsibility to perform to the best of their ability, and everyone is accountable for the ultimate success of the team.

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