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Wallach Steps Down As IRTA President

(The following letter was provided to BarterNews by Mr. Wallach.)

Dear fellow IRTA Global Board of Director Members,

Over the past thirty years the advancement of Modern Trade and Barter industry has been both my vocation and avocation. I have had the pleasure of serving the industry while establishing lifelong relationships with some of the most talented and dedicated individuals that exist within the business, financial, and academic communities.

In October of 2009 you elected me to a second two year term as president of the IRTA Global Board of Directors. At that time we discussed the possibility that I might not be able complete the term of office because of the insidious life threatening disease that I was diagnosed with in 2005. It now appears that my condition has somewhat degraded and this will affect my abilities to perform the tasks and duties of IRTA president at an acceptable level.

At this point in time I will need all of my mental and spiritual energy directed toward further survival of this disease. Presently I am receiving a new chemotherapy drug and have and will take, every opportunity to continue this wonderful life that I have had the privilege to experience.

Therefore effective immediately I hereby resign both as president and as a member of the IRTA Global Board of Directors. I will of course be fully available to assist in the transition of leadership.

The future is bright and the International Reciprocal Trade Association is in excellent condition. The organization contains exceptional leadership and we have in place the proven services of our superb IRTA Executive Director Ron Whitney.

Nothing but love,

David Wallach,
President, IRTA Global Board of Directors

(Editor�s note:

Michael Mercier, IRTA VP, will take over as president of the organization and Perry Constantinides will be vice president.)

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