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Value Subjective, Not Objective...Thatís Why Barter Is So Exciting!

By now millions of people have heard about the story of Kyle MacDonald, a 26-year-old fellow from Montreal (Canada) who had an internet connection and one big red paper clip. His story has been written up in virtually every North American major newspaper, as well as others around the world. Business Week and other prominent business publications have covered the news, too.

As the story goes, this young visionary dreamed of using the community power of the Internet to barter that paper clip for something better, and then trade again for something else, and so on until he had obtained a house. MacDonald is getting closer to his goal, as his trading has resulted in acquiring one yearís free rent on a house in Phoenix.

The story began last July...and the trades have gone as follows:

         Paper clip for a fish-shaped pen.

         Fish-shaped pen for a clay doorknob with a funny face on it.

         Clay doorknob for a camping stove.

         Camping stove for a generator.

         Generator for an ďinstant party.Ē

         Instant party for a snowmobile.

         Snowmobile for an all-expenses-paid trip to Yahk, British Columbia.

         Yahk trip for a panel van.

         Van for a recording contract.

         Recording contract for the year of free rent in Phoenix.

The latter trade was with Jody Gnant, www.jodygnant.com, who says

there is an amazing energy going on with this project. She admits the value of the rental property far exceeds that of the recording contract, but she says such calculations are of no concern to her.

But her actions say that such calculations are really only part of the equation. And her trade reinforces the fact that the true value of anything is what someone else will pay you for it. Most of us have experienced this factóthat the value placed on various goods and services depends on what itís worth to the person who wants it.

Thatís the real story here, and itís the magic of barter. Itís also why there is enormous opportunities when one is bartering! People donít just live off ones and zeroes. They live with their dreams, aspirations, and what is important to them. The life experience Jody Gnant will derive from this barter effort will be with her for the rest of her life, and very well could be life-altering.

Needless to say, Kyle MacDonaldís life has forever been changed. Hollywood has already called about making a movie of his story. Pretty heady stuff for a guy who was delivering pizzas and working other part-time jobs to make ends meet.

Trading takes place on many levels, as MacDonaldís amazing accomplishment has shown the world. To follow Kyle MacDonaldís venture check our http://oneredpaperclip.com.

This story reinforces what weíve been preaching for decades...wealth is not limited to just what you have in your bank account.

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