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Using Barter To Inexpensively Boost Employee Attitudes

Employee attitudes (not cash flow or technology) most affect a company�s competitiveness, reports the Stanford Business School Magazine. It is not always possible to give top performers a monetary raise. But you can show each one you value their contribution by creating a variety of low-cost, high impact rewards.

The following examples may be a springboard to further ideas �

  • Take your employee to lunch at one of the restaurants in your trade exchange. Or obtain scrip, to give them a dinner for two.

  • Award a one-month, half-year or yearly health-club membership through your exchange.

  • Give flowers or a balloon bouquet.

  • Name a space after the employee. (The Susan Smith corridor, for example.)

  • Provide a monthly premium parking space.

  • Volunteer to do the employee�s least desirable work task for a day.

  • Give a gift certificate (scrip) from a jewelry or other fine retailer from your trade exchange.

  • Send a thank-you letter or e-mail card to the deserving employee.

  • Give a gift certificate for a massage, or day at a local spa through your exchange.

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