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Universal Currency�s Offers Are Expanding

Ron Whitney, Executive Director of the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA), reports that the association�s Universal Currency now has 925 different availabilities (products & services) which UC member exchanges can access. Exchange owners from around the world can use the UC trade dollar to facilitate trades among themselves.

Opportunity To Increase Trading Volume

Whitney contends that the use of UC can increase an exchange�s trading volumes. �UC provides an excellent alternative venue for your exchange members to make purchases, especially those clients with high trade balances who want to spend.

�Why not let your members have direct access to what UC has to offer, and let them go shopping on UC? And UC can be a great alternative venue for your members to sell their goods or services to earn more trade. Why not let those members see UC for themselves?

�All you have to do is direct them to and have them click on the �UC Marketplace� at the top of the Home Page. This will instantly bring up all of the UC listings broken down by category with a brief description of each listing. No log-in or password is required and the viewer only sees each listing�s �snapshot� description. They cannot access any other information � they need to call you for that.

�Pass this approach on to your brokers and mention it in your newsletters! It is a win-win for everybody, you're offering more purchase opportunities to your members, and providing a new venue for your members who want to earn more trade. Either way it only will generate more commissionable transactions for your company,� Whitney concluded, �and in turn create more UC activity! Go for it!�     

For more information on Universal Currency visit

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