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UC Monthly Trading Record Shattered As It Approaches $900,000

During the month of November, 2010, Universal Currency set a new monthly record of $868,318 in trade volume. The previous record of $699,654 was set in July of 2008. This new UC record represents a substantial $168,664 increase (and a 20% rise) in trade activity over the previous record breaking month.

�The UC Members� participation in the Greenapple Pittsburgh Trade Show definitely impacted this huge monthly trade volume increase,� offered IRTA Executive Director Ron Whitney. �The addition of Patty Weston, an experienced barter broker, has elevated customer service to a new level. Industry members are realizing that UC is the most effective clearinghouse currency for trade exchanges.�

Universal Currency is the largest modern trade and barter industry-owned trading platform, providing services for nearly 100 of the world�s leading barter exchanges. UC will continue to expand its offerings on and grow its membership base both in the U.S. and internationally.

For more info call Ron Whitney at 757-393-2292, or Patty Weston at 321-397-2050, Or visit

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