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Turk Barter Announces Ambitious Plans To Purchase & Remarket 2,500 Homes

Since its operations began in 2001, T�rk Barter is well known within the barter industry circles, as they have been a major sponsor of the International Reciprocal Trade Association. As the first trade exchange in Turkey, they have always operated on a high business level. The company is now ratcheting their ambitions up a notch by announcing plans to buy more than 2,500 houses, 4,000 second-hand vehicles, and 30,000 mobile phones to remarket this year.

T�rk Barter, which operates in the fields of credit, factoring and leasing, will also offer the opportunity of zero-interest loans for five years to those who intend to buy houses.

According to Sirri Simsek, the chairman of T�rk Barter, all companies with abundant stocks as well as those firms that still keep their goods and houses in their hands in order to make a profit, are invited to work with the company.

�T�rk Barter steps in for the completion of some dead construction projects, and purchases the whole project for remarketing. We can call the whole process, barter bonding,� said Simsek. �We also provide zero interest loans for five years as barter credit, however, we charge five percent commission for this activity.�

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