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TTi Announces 2007 Trade-Activity Exceeded $100 Million

TeleTrade int´┐Żl has reported its 11-month trade activity for 2007 exceeded $100 million for worldwide trading on its online platforms for independent trade exchanges. Total of all online activity since 1999 when TTi took its technology online now exceeds $553,792,328.

The eValues system reflects nearly $54 million in transaction volume during this period. eValues online totals should reach over a quarter of a billion in activity since coming online in 2000. eValues allows members and their trade exchange personnel to expand trading with 24/7 online access, daily trade broadcast e-mails, a strong inventory control system, comprehensive contact management, and an unequaled accounting system.

eValues is continually being enhanced by a full-time staff dedicated to making trade exchanges and their members trading opportunities easier.

TTi has its proprietary swipe card terminal technology available to all USA-based exchanges and can create a system for local exchanges worldwide to have this capability. These new programs will combine the ability to process credit, debit, discount and barter, programs all from one terminal for merchants. TTi has been able to secure a relationship with the fourth largest private merchant service provider to give participating U.S. merchants the guaranteed lowest processing rates.

To become 2007 compliant with the new fraud and security regulations, many merchants will have to upgrade or replace their existing terminal hardware. The TTi program gives them the benefits of a terminal system that will take them well into the 21st century.

For further information contact CEO Gary Lasater (303) 840-7172 ext. 1, or via e-mail to

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