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Truck & Auto Media Another Option

Another way to break through advertising clutter is to acquire advertising on trucks and automobiles, whereby you can effectively reach the huge numbers of road warriors traveling our nation’s thoroughfares.

FlapMedia ( sells advertising on the mud-flaps of trucks. For a reasonable $50 to $75 per truck per month, you get your message on a customized flap. (The company says you’ll reach an average of 612,000 impressions per vehicle per month.)

Step up a notch to $150 to $300 per vehicle for a four-week spin with AdFleet (, where your message will appear on specialized non-spinning hubcaps of taxicabs in major urban areas as the cabs make their way around town.

Yet another option comes from Targeted Media Partners (, which is rolling out interactive touch-screens in urban taxis. The screens provide passengers with news, weather reports, and other content that’s merged with advertising. Reaching this captive audience comes with a much higher price tag—from $7,000 to $50,000 per month.

(Editor’s note: Don’t underestimate the power of outdoor media. Vehicle advertising certainly paid off for Lawrence Hallier, the founder of Taxi Tops. He’s now co-developer of a 380-unit high rise condo complex in Las Vegas, where housing is selling for between $500 and $600 per square foot, and they’re sold out.)