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Travel Can Save Your Marriage

According to Lenore Terr, medical doctor and clinical professor at the University of California-San Francisco, an important enemy of any relationship is boredom�being boring, thinking your partner is boring, and boringly plodding on.

That�s where play comes in. When you play, you cease being boring to one another claims Terr, author of Beyond Love and Work: Why Adults Need To Play.

Terr says the tremendous advantage of travel is that you can play, and you have all day long to enjoy it. Plus you just might come to recognize how much marriage and travel have in common.

Leon Kass, M.D. and co-author of a book on courting and marriage, says that travel is almost always an adventure, and married life is like a grand adventure in that you�ve chosen somebody to accompany you on the journey that is your life.

So contact your barter company for your travel needs and keep your marriage alive and exciting!