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Trade Exchange Members Demonstrate Creativity

Moving beyond the obvious is considered being creative. The following are two examples of such thinking.

#1) Collection from a firm facing bankruptcy.

The president of a distribution company turned to a trade exchange to collect a bad debt from a client, who not only owed him $35,000 but also was facing bankruptcy.

Instead of writing off the receivable, the president accepted as payment $35,000 worth of baseball cards. He then offered the cards to a trade exchange member owning a baseball card shop, in exchange for trade dollars.

With $20,000 trade dollars received, he turned around and bought concert tickets from another member, which he consequently sold for cash to his employees and some close friends.

#2) Second retail outlet opened.

The owner of a leather sportswear store turned to his trade exchange, instead of his banker, when deciding to open a second retail outlet.

To finance the $30,000 expansion costs in his credit-tight market, he bartered $25,000 in leather goods through the exchange and its members.

The store owner then used those trade dollars to pay for the electricians, carpenters, and installers of a security system needed in his new store. Plus, he obtained 30 radio spots for the promotion of the new outlet´┐Żs grand opening!

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