Trade Exchange Barter Difficult In China

We e-mailed IRTA member Xi Sun of Beijing Barter (BBI), asking how the barter business was progressing in Beijing and if he would give us a brief report. The following was his answer:

Bartering through a trade exchange is really difficult in China. The largest exchange in this country has several hundred members, and the business is on small scale transactions. This is mainly a reflection of a poor credit environment, usage of alternative currencies not allowed by the authorities, and  people lacking both experience and confidence in new credit means.

Direct barter does occur, mainly in the media sector, and there are some web sites dealing with consumer to consumer barter,  but no trade dollars are involved.

BBI signed a licensing agreement with XO of New Zealand last May to introduce a platform so we could provide trade exchange services in Beijing.

For more information on Beijing Barter go to

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