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Beyond The Limits Of Cash or Credit

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Touch The Soil Hits The Road With Publisher Benjamin Gisin

Gisin�s professional career spans 32 years in three agriculture-related support industries. First as a banker, where he specialized in agricultural credit that culminated as the senior agricultural approval officer for one of the nation�s top 10 agricultural banks. (Instrumental in managing one of the nation�s largest agricultural portfolios, his efforts were recognized on Wall Street.)

Then, as a consultant, he worked directly with farmers and ranchers facing financial challenges. In this capacity he negotiated some of the largest debt settlements between farmers and their lenders.

And lastly, he is the publisher of Touch the Soil magazine ( and a national lecturer on food security, sustainable agriculture, and the nation�s financial system.

Gisin has published two excellent articles that readers of The Tuesday Barter Report will find of interest. He had an interview with Bob Meyer and then wrote how bartering is for the real entrepreneur (individual, business, and nation) that looks beyond the limits of cash or credit


A second article by Gisin is titled, �Economics Outside The Box.� It explains how our financial system creates and destroys money, prices the money it creates, and how money is distributed


To arrange a speaking engagement contact Touch the Soil at (208) 523-2717 or e-mail

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