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Tips On Business Etiquette, Success In China

A new book by author and business consultant Ernie Tadla gives valuable lessons on business etiquette and culture in the Chinese business environment. In �How to Live and Do Business in China,� he gives rare insight into China�s culture, providing readers insight about participating in the business environment.

A seasoned Canadian senior manager, Tadla was Group General Manager for an American marketing communication group with an all-Chinese staff in Shanghai. In his book, he shares personal challenges of adjusting and adapting to a different business culture than he had learned and experienced while working for Johnson & Johnson in North America.

He learned that what is successful in American businesses won�t work in China. Tadla said getting to know and understand China�s business etiquette and culture took Microsoft 12 years, Wal-Mart 10 years, and Tadla himself seven years. His book simplifies the complexity of learning about the country�s business differences by breaking them down into eight business lessons.

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