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Timeshare Market Changes Dramatically!

Al Lewis, a syndicated business writer from Denver, recently wrote a story on the changing timeshare industry which the Tuesday Report covered last week when reporting on Marriott International�s decision to leave the industry.

According to Lewis, the recession has ravaged the timeshare market and there are no signs of any more free-spending buyers. Lewis contends that anybody who buys a timeshare from a developer is the victim of an aggressive sales seminar. Today, it�s quite easy to go online and find thousands of timeshare owners trying to sell their timeshares for a fraction of what they paid. Lewis says he sees them listed for $1.00

Timeshare owners today are increasingly not paying their annual maintenance fees, which forces resorts to hike fees on the owners who still pay. A classic catch-22 position that could see fees going even higher. 

How bad has it gotten? Lewis says there are now seminars for timeshare owners telling them how lousy timeshares are, how they�ll never be able to sell it, and that their children will be burdened with it for the rest of their lives. Then, finally, the final pitch � give them your timeshare and $3,000 to get it off your hands. Welcome to the changing timeshare world.

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