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Beyond The Limits Of Cash or Credit

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Three Reasons Why Your Trade Exchange Membership Is So Valuable

Lower Your Customer Acquisition Cost!
Your cost for customer acquisition in the barter marketplace, by working through your trade exchange, is lower than in the cash marketplace. Unlike the cash world, where you have to hunt and pay for every lead and sale through the expenditure of time effort and money, your barter business is "pushed" to you through the efforts of the exchange (and your trade broker).

You're fishing where the fish are...and that's quite a difference!

Greater Customer Retention!
Mail order catalog consultant Jack Schmid says that only 50% of first-time buyers never come back for a second (catalog) purchase. Ouch! In the barter world the percentage of first-time buyers returning is much, much higher. Why? Simply because every one of us operates in our own best interests.

And the trade exchange system rewards one for doing business in this manner, i.e. buying products and services at one's "barter cost." It's always the best and most economical way to make a purchase. So a trade client is more of a "core customer" than a cash paying customer. They'll always frequent your establishment if all things are equal.

Ever Increasing Sales!
The real measure of a healthy business lies in the strength, depth and length of its relationships with its core customers. A satisfied barter customer will go out of their way to continually do business with you... buying more as well as placing larger orders!