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Three Barter Techniques The World's Billionaires Use
And YOU Can Also Immediately Put Into Action!

  • Analyze the similarities between the nine strategies the world?s billionaires used to build their wealth

  • Study five outstanding trades of the past decade and learn howto harness these powerful money-making strategies in your own business

  • Implement the twelve steps for building substantial and secure profits through local barter endeavors

What would it cost you in time and money to interview the world?s billionaires, so as to truly understand their crystallized thinking and grasp the strategies they embrace? Well relax, you don?t have to. We?ll show you what?s behind their phenomenal success!

We outline the nine most important strategies for building mega-wealth that every billionaire employs. As an entrepreneur, three of the nine techniques you can and should immediately use! This is mind-expanding material and will create that all-important paradigm shift in your thinking, because putting together profitable mega-trades is very exhilarating!

In this section we answer the questions:
  1. Who should you out manage?

  2. What should you resist?

  3. What is the best buying strategy?

Then we dissect the five top, incredible trades from the tens of thousands of trades BarterNews has reported over the past 25 years?showing how the traders used what they had to get what they wanted! Most importantly, you will see the underlying linchpin of each trade, which we guarantee will forever change the way you pursue your trading activity. Because, one of the keys to wealth building is using the power of leverage in a super-safe way.  

In this section we look at the questions:

  1. What?s the greatest barter leverage one has? You?ll see how one person traded two hours of their time for a multi-million-dollar payoff!

  2. Do you think, like most people do, that it takes money to make money? We will show you three world-famous people who started with nothing?and are now wealthy beyond belief!

  3. Do you know the strategy for harnessing a big bankroll where you don?t touch a cent of your money? Find out about this cleverly used money conduit.

  4. Does your financial arsenal include one of the most powerful business strategies in existence? We give you the exact names of the two well-known companies that did this amazing trade. Best of all, this technique can be employed by you on nearly every level of business.

Finally, we show you a dozen profit-generating techniques that less than 1% of business owners are using?powerful knowledge that will provide you with a huge competitive edge and catapult you into the mega trader status! 

We provide you with the proven ways you can (must!) gain an all-important advantage when it comes to advertising, promotion and marketing. Then we take you through the step-by-step road map that mega traders use to reach outstanding levels of achievement. 

In this section we answer the questions:
  1. What are the top two priorities of every entrepreneur? Both priorities are obtainable on trade.

  2. What barter technique is successfully used by the Walt Disney Company?

  3. What separates the ?do-ers? from the talkers?

Your awareness and comprehension of the many spectacularly successful trades will immediately create a positive attitude that says, ?Yes, now I understand how they do it!?

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