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Successful European Assembly & IRTA Meeting Settled Important Issues

The second Conference of the Euro-Asian Barter Assembly, was held on May 1 and 2, at the Napoleon Hotel in Paris, France. The two day conference, convened by assembly secretary and Barter Hall-of-Fame member Paul Suplizio, was attended by leaders of the modern trade and barter industry representing eighteen companies from across Europe, Asia and North America.

The conference featured seminars and discussions about the impact of the barter process on the global economy, barter exchange dynamics, and other financial and worldwide issues. At the general meeting attendees made important decisions regarding the future of barter in Euro-Asia.

In a motion approved unanimously, the Euro-Asian Assembly voted to form IRTA Europe as a new not-for-profit entity registered in Europe. IRTA Europe will direct European barter operations and will be part the IRTA Global system of standards, ethics, education and regulation. �I totally support the Assembly�s decision to form IRTA Europe and see this as a unifying endeavor that will further the global economic impact of the Modern Trade and Barter Industry,� declared IRTA President David Wallach.

Alina Piddubna from BartEx-Ukraine and Dorottya Szabo from GlobalXchange-Hungary were elected as project leaders. They will work with IRTA Executive Director Ron Whitney to establish the new IRTA Europe entity and have the necessary documents in place and ready for approval by the IRTA Global Board of Director during the IRTA International Convention scheduled for October 2010.

A major focus of the new non-profit IRTA European entity will be to obtain grant and other monetary assistance from the European Union to help fund IRTA European programs and initiatives. Dorottya Szabo who is experienced with the EU grant system was assigned to make inquires and report back to the group with her findings within 30 days.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Semi Simsek promptly at on May 1 2010 8:30 a.m. What followed was a full schedule of presentations, meetings, discussions and seminars that on both days lasted until 6:00 p.m. Chairman Simsek and Secretary Suplizio made their opening remarks setting the tone and presenting the agenda for the meeting. After thanking Maximilien Urso for hosting the event, IRTA President David Wallach was introduced.

Wallach made his presentation entitled �A Parallel Capital System� in which he described how the process of modern trade and barter will solve some of the world�s most devastating problems by creating millions of jobs through the capitalization of businesses, using Excess Business Capacity as a resource base � something that an up to now has been ignored and wasted. He stressed that because of current worldwide economic conditions, now is precisely the time for our industry to educate both government and business communities about our tremendous potential to create significant global employment.

An array of very valuable and informative seminars and panels were presented. Gary Field a member of IRTA Global Board of Directors and President of Nubarter (USA), provided a very well received and detailed power-point presentation regarding hiring, retaining, compensating, and managing a barter company sales force. Gary�s partner in Nubarter Linda Tillinger offered a comprehensive review of how to plan and account for revenue and barter company expenses.

David Selikowitz, President of Active International Europe, explained how retail trade exchanges and corporate barter companies can buy and sell to one another. Bob Bagga, President BizXchange (Dubai), and Sirri Simsek, President Turk Barter (Turkey), shared a lively panel that discussed the role of trade brokering and increasing trade volume.

David Wallach and David Selikowitz discussed and took questions on media trading techniques. And Ron Whitney, IRTA Executive Director, provided information about how Universal Currency (UC) operates and explained the UC Euro-Platform to the delegates.   

Members of the Assembly all agreed to utilize the UC Euro-Platform for trading among themselves, and to place selected goods and services on the pre-existing IRTA UC software. Thus allowing seamless trading within the UC system. IRTA and UC will provide administrative support in this effort.

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