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Study Shows Entrepreneurs Have Self Confidence

The annual �Voices of Small Businesses and Accountants Study,� by the maker of Quicken and QuickBooks financial software, reported some very interesting and revealing information about our country�s entrepreneurs.

Here�s a rundown on what they found:

  • During the past year, 64% of small businesses and 73% of accountants have invested money in their operations.
  • The most common investments were additional advertising or marketing at 40%, new employees at 25%, and new technology at 23%.
  • The biggest challenges facing small businesses according to their owners are generating new business and revenue streams, rising insurance costs, and keeping up with competitors.
  • 75% of small business owners work with certified public accountants. Of those, 78% seek help with taxes and 37% obtain bookkeeping services from their CPAs.

Editor�s note: It�s interesting to see from this study the important role a trade exchange can play in the life of a typical small business.

For example, their most common �investment� was for additional advertising and marketing. As a trade exchange member, you know that acquiring these desired services on barter is certainly a much better value than buying them with cash.

Even the biggest challenges of generating new business and revenue streams are addressed, because a trade exchange�s major focus is providing a unique conduit for additional business and increased cash-flow ... via trade dollars earned and cash saved.

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