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Steve Singer Leaves Barter Industry, Buys Budpak Inc.

For 25 years Steven Singer worked with National Commerce Exchange in Jericho (NY). He recently informed BarterNews that he has left the barter industry because an old friend (whom he�d helped 7 years ago) made him an offer he couldn�t refuse.

It began when Singer helped his friend, Bud Pion, start a business after an account had stuck Pion with 500,000 one-ounce plastic tubes. Pion sent the tubes to a company on Long Island which filled them with a first aid cream. Singer helped secure the package design for the tubes on trade, and the cream was then sold to dollar stores.

That item was so successful that several other products were added�Anti Itch Cream, Antifungal Cream, Cocoa Butter Cream, and an A&D cream. The firm, Budpak, now buys a million tubes at a time from Brazil, and sells the line nationally through a network of representatives.

Pion�s success was even more impressive, since at the time he started the company (after fifty years in the packaging business) he was 80 years old. Now 87, he wants to take it a little easier. Since Singer had been helping him with marketing and financial advice since the beginning, Singer was provided with an opportunity to acquire the company in an arrangement he couldn�t refuse.

He is now busy using his trade dollars to build a web site and update the computer system. Singer looks to manufacture the line in India or China, with plans to visit either country before production begins.

He looks forward to doing some barter transactions with many of his friends in the industry. To contact Steven Singer of Budpak, e-mail him at stevesinger@budpakinc.com.