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Solving Problems Can Be As Easy As 1, 2, 3 ... Plus A Lot Of Hard Work

John Tassone is a straight-talking guy who worked hard, took risks, and built a Chicago insurance business from nothing into a huge success. It didn�t happen overnight and he came close to failure many times.

In his new book, Go For It!, he distills the very best and most important things he learned on the streets of Chicago into an easy to read guide for others to learn by and follow. The stories and insights are very timely. Here are a few of the gems he offers up:

         Believe in yourself. If you don�t believe in yourself, no one else will either.

         Your life is an epic story in itself, whether you want to believe it or not. Know your path, and know where you are going. Don�t stop and look around to see if the grass is greener somewhere else. It probably isn�t. Instead of worrying whether the grass is greener elsewhere, devote all your efforts to improving your life, making it the best it can be for yourself and your family.

         Yes you must have goals, but take the accidental goals that fall in your lap along the way.

         Christopher Columbus set out to find a faster route to the rich trade goods of the Indies by sailing westward with the intent of making it around the world. Insead, he just discovered America.

         Alexander Graham Bell was trying to invent a hearing aid to help his deaf mother. Oh well, he invented the telephone.

         About 12 years ago, a friend lost a job at the hardware store and joined the ranks of the unemployed. Tassone suggested he create a menu of all the things he was capable of doing as a handy man and plastering the neighborhood with photocopies. The response was so astounding he created his own successful painting business.

         Decide what you are going to do and then do it, do it, do it. You can�t sit back and say �I�d really like to do that� or �I hope I can do it,� or �That�s my goal, and I want to achieve it.�  You have to say �I�m going to do it,� and believe no other option, outcomes, or excuses are acceptable.

         In 1937, America�s military was ranked 19th in the world behind Poland. The Life magazine photo from 1938 showed an aerial view of what was described as half of the nation�s entire mechanized military. You can count 146 trucks, tanks and jeeps, with about a dozen motorcycles. We won World War II. We decided to win.

Tassone believes that we can still do that today. But first we need to confront and conquer the problems at hand, then we can believe in ourselves, have goals, and decide what we are going to do. Finally, we must do it.

Go For it! contains some of the best solid advice and guidance on people skills, thinking positively, setting long-range goals, and believing in your ability to achieve them that you are likely to find. The knowledge contained in this powerful book is designed to motivate and guide you in developing the attitude you need to succeed in whatever you do.

Go For it! A Practical Guide to Success for Everyone ($16.95), by John Tassone, is available in bookstores and online. For more information visit

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