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Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises Should Take Advantage of �Countertrade� According to Malaysian Scholar

Associate professor Nelson Ndubisi, from Monash University Malaysia�s School of Business, says that Malaysia�s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which often lack resources and expertise, can take advantage of countertrade as a means to gain entry into foreign markets.

At the SME-Enterpreneurship Global Conference 2006, held October in Petaling Jaya, Ndubisi told the FinancialDaily that a few companies in Malaysia have done it but it�s not popular yet, although there were six models of countertrade.

Ndubisi explained countertrade isn�t necessarily a barter deal, meaning the exchange of goods. It can be an exchange of anything, such as resources, expertise or ideas between interested parties.

According to a report by Bank Negara Malaysia, only 5% of the SMEs in the region had fully automated operations, while 48% reported a low usage of computers at work.