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Seniors Are Ideal Home Swappers (Barterers)

Seniors form a large part of the growing number of regular home swappers worldwide:

    * Not usually being tied to set periods for vacations gives seniors much more flexibility and thus a greater choice of exchange offers.

    * Getting to know exchange partners before agreeing to an exchange is reassuring and you are at an advantage if you have time to correspond regularly in the weeks leading up to an exchange. Many exchangers make new friends not only with their exchange partners but with their friends and neighbours.

    * Seniors can usually travel in off-peak times to take advantage of cheaper air fares.

    * With air fares usually the only major expense on an exchange vacation, arranging a longer vacation is feasible for many seniors.

    * Save on car rental by exchanging cars too if you wish.

    * Save on kennel fees and leave your pet at home if your exchange partners are happy to care for pets.

    * Travel with grown children and grandchildren and the whole family will appreciate the space and convenience of staying in a real home from home.

    * On your own? You can still swap homes or, if you prefer, arrange a hospitality exchange, i.e. host a member for an agreed period in return for the same when you visit their area.

Home Base Holidays has been providing a home exchange service since 1985 and offers a choice of internet and directory membership options. As the majority of seniors (especially outside the USA) do not have internet access, the directory option enables such members to take part. All new listings (whether from on-line or directory members) are added to the website as soon as members join. Visitors may view all current exchange offers (often with photos) and join Home Base Holidays on-line for instant access to member contact information:

Further Information

Contact Lois Sealey at Home Base Holidays: or by phone +44(0)20 8886 8752


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