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Scott Whitmer & Kevin Daly Elected To IRTA Global Board Of Directors

The IRTA membership elected Scott Whitmer from Florida Barter and Kevin Daly from NuBarter, to the IRTA Global Board of Directors at its recent convention in Las Vegas. The Global Board subsequently elected Hall of Fame member Scott Whitmer as its Vice President.

Joyce Bingman from Florida Barter received the coveted UC Broker of the Year Award, for her outstanding contributions to UC�s growth over the past year.

Appreciation Awards were also given to the following individuals for their valuable contributions to IRTA:

  • Patty Weston, (UC's International Broker)
  • Tom Greco (Complementary Currency author)
  • Aaron Christensen (Saturn Barter)
  • Heather Lombardi (BBU)
  • Rebecca Lucas (IMS)
  • Andrew Pairman (Anbell Trade)
  • Mary Ellen Rosinski (Tradesource)
  • Carl Steinbrenner, Esq. (IRTA�s Legal Counsel)
  • Rob van Hilten (Qoin)
  • Dale Mardak (IMS)
  • Chong Kee Tan (Bay Bucks)
  • Paul Bolte (Bartercard)
  • Gary Field (NuBarter)
  • Bob Bagga (BizX)

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