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Schacht�s ITA Goes Remote To Boost Productivity & Sales

The Illinois Trade Association, founded in 1983, is the largest independent barter company in the United States. They represent 6,000 professional clients as well as 1,000 corporate clients, such as resorts and media outlets.

With such a large client base covering the U.S. and Mexico, and a relatively small sales force of 15, ITA faced a roadblock to future growth because of unreliable remote access to its business-critical applications. (The company employs another 50 people, and its IT staff comprises two programmers.)

So to push the company�s sales toward their $100 million annual sales goal, they took action! Schacht says the problem was solved when ITA partnered with Performance Network Solutions, a Silver Citrix Solution Advisor.

Now their salespeople, when working from home a hotel or a customer site, can use their own computers or company laptops to securely access the 20 client applications that are maintained centrally. (ITA is also experimenting with extending the solution to its brokers.)

Cofounder and president Jack Schacht says the improvement is amazing. �Our remote users were losing valuable time, a half hour a day or more, due to dial-up connections. Now they can connect quickly, and don�t have to make a special trip to the office for something. This saves them time that can be spent selling.�

He continued, �We figured nearly $4,000 per person was lost yearly in productivity. And when ITA wanted to hire additional out-of-state people, there was the big question of how to provide them with access to our applications and data.�

For information on Illinois Trade Association see www.itatrade.com.