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Restaurants Offer New Menu Of Services

Here are some more intriguing ideas that restaurateurs should find not only interesting, but helpful in separating their establishment from the crowd!

Features for the visionary restaurant of the future include:

  • On-site child care

  • Group tables for singles

  • Waiter �call� buttons

  • Gift certificates

  • Pepper mills left on table

  • Frequent-diner bonus plans

  • On-site cash machines

  • Computerized reservation systems with advance table selection

  • Strolling masseurs          

  • Calorie and cholesterol counts available on request

  • Adjustable lighting at each table

  • Hot face towels before and after dining

  • Five percent contribution to the homeless

  • Less attitudinal, ergo friendlier, maitre d�s

Interestingly, a number of these services could be provided at little or no cost...requiring only a change in policy.