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Ralf Becker Addressing IRTA Europe Conference

The coming IRTA Europe International Barter Exchange Conference, scheduled for March 24-26 in the Netherlands, will hear Ralf Becker discuss the rise of local and regional complementary currency networks. Becker, co-author of the study �Our Future Economy�Sustainable Finance for the Wealth of People,� will also share his thoughts on the important role that trade exchanges will play in the future of the world economy.

Becker will compliment the Conference�s focus, �Reaching For The Stars: Uniting People and Standards in a Cashless Trading World,� as he is the coordinator and coach in the Regio Network, an organization of approximately 50 regional complementary currency initiatives in Germany and Austria.

Other presentations scheduled will include one on the World Travel Exchange (WTEX), a vehicle trade exchange owners worldwide can use to garner travel from other exchange owners. Plus a �How to Market Your Exchange� session promises some innovations, as European exchange owners share their strategies on marketing and techniques promoting the concept of barter in Europe.

The event will be held at the Hotel Haarlem Zuid. For further information and registration contact Krista Vardabash via e-mail at krista@irta.com, or go to www.irta.com.