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Radio Content - Available On Barter - Expanding

Debut Broadcasting Corporation, a radio broadcasting and syndication company, announced that its radio syndication unit, Impact Radio Networks, has entered into two new content deals. They are part of an overall expansion of the company's syndication operations.

Included is an expansion of the existing agreement with Dr. Criswell Freeman to add five new daily radio features as well as syndication of Doug Kramer's daily radio program Kramer's Funhouse. Doug Kramer is a well-known Clear Channel radio personality, currently syndicated in 14 markets.

�Kramer's Funhouse represents our first effort in daypart programming, and is the first of several pending announcements in that arena,� said Steven Ludwig, CEO. �As radio stations come under more and more pressure to reduce programming costs, we see our unique strategy as the solution to a critical, developing need at the local level of radio station operations.�

He added, �The technology underlying our daypart syndication offers a means for radio stations to get syndicated personalities on a barter, cash, or hybrid cost basis, adding completely localized elements in real time�a real local radio program with the station�s own music, hot clocks, and stationality. Thus allowing for better ratings, more revenue, and less work at the radio station level. 

Debut Broadcasting Corporation's nine-year-old radio syndication company, Impact Radio networks, distributes programming and services to over 1,100 radio station affiliates in the United States and Canada, reaching over 40 million listeners nationwide each week.

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