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Product Placement In Similar Position As Advertising Decades Ago

As products are finding their way into movies, television, music, books and video games, it would seem like there's nowhere else to go. But with digital technology continuing to skyrocket in both form and function, there's a seemingly endless stream of new and innovative ways to put products in front of potential consumers.

Whatever the future holds, there's no doubt you'll continue to see many of your favorite stars holding, handling and using products of all kinds on the big and small screens for years to come. The Kluger Agency, an entertainment marketing and branding firm, believes product placement in song through brand integration is one of the most valuable ways to establish brand power.

�Product placement has existed within lyrics since the early 1900�s. From Janis Joplin to Kanye West, it�s been going on forever, making brands millions upon millions of dollars. We are just financially taking care of the people that should be taken care of,� says Adam Kluger CEO.� If an artist like Sheryl Crow has the same target audience as XZY brand, we feel it�s nothing but a strong and strategic way to pinpoint a market.

�Now, we don't want an artist to write a song specifically to promote a brand, we just feel that if it�s a product that�s admired by the artists and fits his/her image, we now have the capability of leveling out the playing field and making things financially beneficial for all parties involved. Brand-dropping is the term our agency coined to describe discreetly advertising by product mentioning in song, and we feel we can make this the way of the future without jeopardizing any artists� creativity or typical style.� 

In today�s day in age, criticism is found all over the web pertaining to such styles of marketing. Yet, it seems the only people who aren�t criticizing these types of practices are the brands that are financially benefiting. It�s hard to judge what will become an inevitable part of future culture, however, when television commercials first appeared the criticism was much fiercer than today�s product placement debate.

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