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Paradigm Shift For International Reciprocal Trade Association

The commercial barter industry�s international association will seek out and welcome large corporations into its membership, including the usage of IRTA�s Universal Currency (UC).

A recent announcement from IRTA has revealed a bold move...adding a Non-Industry Membership Category. The NIM is offered to large corporations which participate in trade and barter as a significant component of their normal business operations. Benefits to these members encompass:

         Increasing revenues by receiving full access to UC and its trading platform for buying and selling excess inventories, products and services.

         Participation in international and U.S. conferences.

         Ongoing education and news updates for the trade and barter industry.

         Access to the latest changes regarding governmental and IRS matters.

         Networking with peers in the industry to increase one�s company sales.

Non-Industry Members annual dues are $2,500 cash and $1,250 UC currency. This membership category has full IRTA member voting rights with UC participation fees of $50 cash, $25 UC per month, plus a 10% cash transaction fee on sales and .25% trade (UC) on purchases.

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