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Nothing Hurts Business More Than Reliance On False Assumptions

We all have false assumptions. Even if we don�t realize it, they exist. For instance consider these typical assumptions:

  • �Advertising doesn�t work, it�s a waste of money�

  • �If our sales staff would just make one more call a day, everything would be great.�

  • �Nobody asks for the order anymore ... that�s the problem.�

  • �The only thing our customers care about is a low price. Nothing else matters.�

  • �Everybody knows us.�

  • �We are the best!�

  • �We�re the oldest.�

  • �The current downturn in our business is only temporary. We�ll come out just fine.�

Without even realizing it, businesses base their plans and programs on assumptions such as these. But embracing such ideas can unfortunately keep companies from expanding their vision, attracting creative employees, and succeeding in their quest to gain new customers.

Often, rather than testing an accepted premise or adopting a new strategy, owners will ignore the all-too-obvious fact that their course is heading straight for trouble. Yet only by challenging all assumptions, can a company literally breathe new life into its operations.

The issue is not just staying in business. What�s really at stake is finding ways to open new markets, and becoming the company of choice in your field. The job is not an easy one, because it often demands dramatic changes in the way we approach doing business.

In the final analysis, the determining factor for success is a state of mind that freely welcomes new possibilities.

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