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Next Generation Envisions Different Bed & Breakfast Inn

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott created a buzz when the couple announced they would like to reinvent the B&B for their generation. (The couple have opened Chateau La Rue, a B&B in Fallbrook, California,

Around the nation, younger owners are trying to change the mindset of a B&B being old lacy doilies and Grandma’s bed. The following are some of the amenities the younger generation offers when they take over a B&B:

·         Highly trained chefs to offer a fine dining experience accented with fresh local ingredients.

·         Made-to-order breakfast with flexible hours and fresh pressed organic coffee.

·         Brightly colored walls, modern design details, 24-hour refreshment station and other innovations.

·         Upscale comforts such as jetted tubs, spa showers and secluded private cottages.

·         Professional event planning services and onsite catering.

Additionally, concern for the environment will see more support for inns that are green and eco-friendly. Ones which embrace renewable technology and adopt sustainable practices.