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New Orleans ITEX Convention Recap

Provided to BarterNews by Alan Zimmelman, ITEX Executive VP.

The annual ITEX convention, with the theme �Leading The Way,� was our 25th annual event. Every office that attended received a two-ounce pure silver commemorative coin, compliments of CEO Steven White. We held it at the Doubletree Hotel in New Orleans, for five days of continuous events.

The noteworthy part was the daily assistance from four corporate employees, who used their wireless computers to assist brokers and their staff in becoming experts in our proprietary software for the Trade Exchange Account Management system (TEAM).

Trade directors were thus able to get one-on-one assistance and support on any phase of the system. At the end of the event, the laptop computers were given to the newest members of the President�s Club as their award.

The Broker of the Year was Graham Norris, former CEO of ITEX and owner of the Salt Lake City office.

The Rookie of the Year was awarded to Ronnie Graham, franchisee of the Raleigh (NC) office. Hardly a rookie, he was chosen from all the eligible brokers, including all the former BXI offices. His gorgeous wife Rosann blushed a color of red never seen before, as she now had to introduce her husband (a new grandfather) as a �rookie!�

Even the weather cooperated with the timing of our event; it was mild and pleasant 90% of the time...the several short rain showers, however, kept the temperatures down.

CEO Steven White presented an 80-minute review of the past three years, and revealed some insight as to what plans were in the future. Our stated goal is to increase 15% in size by next year�s convention, which will be held in Las Vegas.