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New Ad Insertion Technology Targeting Hotels Expands Market

Superwire (PINKSHEETS:SUPI) has revealed a strategic alliance with Resort Media Group (RMG) of California for digital ad insertion technology to the hospitality industry. The initial agreement deploys systems in 25 hotels in Texas, Arizona and California.

Under the terms of the agreement, RMG will also market Superwire ad insertion systems to the top 1500 hotels in major cities nationwide. This will allow Superwire to provide 8 to 16 channels of digital ad insertion on the most popular cable television networks (e.g., ESPN, CNN, TBS, USA) to hotels such as Holiday Inn and Radisson.

RMG will distribute easy-to-use flat panel TV interfaces for hotel travelers� cameras, iPods, video games and other digital devices without having to reach rear panel input jacks. The firm also offers applications such as ad-supported hotel guides, video on demand (VOD), and special TV-specific interface capabilities to provide controlled access to content from the internet.

Once fully installed, Superwire will be able to insert local, regional, and national ads to the leisure traveler market. Richard Smith, Chairman of Superwire, asserted, �This deployment will create new, valuable advertising space in a market segment previously out of reach of our advertisers.�

Cliff Hall, President of RMG, added, �Today�s hotels need to be more competitive by staying up with technology that enhances customer retention and increased revenue. The combination of Superwire and RMG�s offerings provide a way to increase revenue with minimal up-front investment.�

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