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NBC Embraces YouTube Site

For years the huge media companies have wanted to build mass-market services to offer video over the Internet. No one could find the formula until a couple of young guys put their heads together, trying to figure out a way to share their home videos online. They subsequently built a huge following under the noses of the richer, well-known and well-financed media companies. 

It now appears that the two founders of YouTube, 29-year-old Chad Hurley and 27-year-old Steve Chen, will become another classic Silicon Valley garage-to-glory story, as NBC has announced that it will make promotional video clips for some of its popular shows such as The Office, Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, available on YouTube.

It�s a significant step for NBC, which months earlier had demanded that YouTube take down clips of its programming. NBC is also buying ads on the site, which gets 20 million visitors a month, and will promote YouTube with mentions on television.