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Ethical Marketplace LLC, a media company that reports on the growth of responsible business in the global marketplace, announced the national premiere of Ethical Marketplace, a new half-hour weekly television show reporting on the multi-trillion dollar growth of socially and environmentally responsible investing.

It is the first national TV show dedicated to reporting the news, trends, and stories of the companies, governments, and people worldwide who are redefining success with socially and environmentally responsible practices, investments, and lifestyles.

A “financial lifestyle” show, Ethical Marketplace takes viewers beyond the balance sheet with engaging, real-life stories of businesses, executives, investors, and consumers that demonstrate an increasingly popular standard of corporate citizenship measured by the integrated “triple bottom line,” often referred to as People, Profit and Planet.

Hosted by Simran Sethi, award winning producer and reporter, it is the only program to report on these unaccounted for assets through topics such as fair trade, renewable energy, and socially responsible investing (SRI)—a market that has grown to represent 11% of all U.S. investments under professional management, roughly $2.2 trillion.

The show explores the business assumptions that affect every investor from fund managers, corporate executives, board members, small business owners and employees, to consumers, students, and the millions of involuntary investors with pensions, 401K plans, or other forms of indirect investments. Viewers can use this information to improve their quality of life in ways that reflect their personal interests, ethics, values, and goals for success.

“Business leaders are increasingly realizing the value of an economic model that measures business success by focusing on the greater community and environment, as well as profit,” says internationally recognized author, futurist and sustainable business economics expert Dr. Hazel Henderson, creator and co-executive producer of Ethical Marketplace.

Each episode includes in-studio and field-based segments such as “Walking The Talk,” and examines the overall topic from multiple viewpoints such as appreciating assets, and earth ethics. They provide engaging discussions with executives from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups, personal stories of people seeking value and success, and supply historical perspective, indicators of success and quality of life, new technologies, as well as realistic projections for the future.

Every company featured is vetted by a screening process, to ensure they support a socially and environmentally responsible business model. The Ethical Marketplace series is being made possible by underwriting from the Media Venture Collective.

For more information contact CEO Gary Tomchukat (215) 844-2292.