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(The following article was provided to BarterNews by NATE.)

NATE Holds Successful Convention In Las Vegas

Members of the National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE) came together October 25 - 27 in Las Vegas with a renewed spirit to get the organization relaunched with new vigor.

During the business meeting, the by-laws were changed to increase the NATE board from five to seven members. Maurya Lane of Barter Business Exchange and Kim Ames of TradeAmericanCard were elected to serve on the Board of Directors for three year terms.

The Board of Directors voted to extend the current officers of NATE through the 2010 annual convention.

President - Gary Oshry, New England Trade
Treasurer - Rachel Taylor, Alamo Barter
Secretary - Karen Welch, We Trade Network
Director - Ric Zampatti, The Barter Company
Director - Mary Nove, Executive One
Director - Maurya Lane, Barter Business Exchange
Director - Kim Ames, TradeAmericanCard

The BANC Board of Governors will consist of 5 members:

Ken Flemmons, Southern Barter Exchange
Gary Oshry, New England Trade
Rachel Taylor, Alamo Barter
Fred Detwiler, Trade First
Mary Ellen Rosinski, Tradesource - Arizona

The association membership voted to restructure the Ethics Committee.

Four NATE members will comprise the committee and be responsible to foster fair and equitable business practices among its members, as applicable under the NATE Bylaws and BANC Trading Rules & Procedures.

Paul Richardson, Arizona Trade Exchange
Don Mardak, IMS
Ric Zampatti, The Barter Company

BANC board representative (To be determined after first meeting of BANC Board of Governors.)

The following are representative comments by members attending the convention:

�I had a great time at the convention. I liked how you had everyone eating together at the restaurants. It gave me time to mingle and find out what is going on with each other and what is working for them.�

� Mark Tracy, American Commerce Exchange

�Thanks for putting on such a good show! It was fun, the food was good, the interaction was great, the attitudes were very positive.�

� Jeffrey Chamblin, Crescent City Trade

�Hey guys, nice job!�

� Joe Prince, Barter Depot

�Words cannot describe the effort and accomplishment Gary and Rachel have achieved in bringing NATE back to life. In my opinion, THE BEST convention ever! It was fun, everyone was relaxed, and actually enjoyed each others� company. The staunch boring banquets rewarding and praising the �good ole boys� are finally gone forever!�

� Tanya Galdamez, Crescent City Trade 

�It was great to see some old faces who have not attended a NATE convention in years.�

� Ric Zampatti, The Barter Company

 �So good to see everyone.�

 � Kim Ames, TradeAmericanCard

�Great conference.�

 � Kraig Bloom, New England Trade

�This convention brought back what I�ve always liked about NATE exchanges...helping each other. The (first day) was all about getting back to the basics, what has made the barter industry work well for thousands of our members. Congrats on a great convention and the ideas that came out of it!�

� Kenn Flemmons, Southern Barter Exchange

�The convention was a huge success.�

 � Maurya Lane, Barter Business Exchange

�It was nice to see a lot of exchanges at the 25th Anniversary of NATE.�

 � Mary Nove, Executive One

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