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NATE Convention Announcement Of Board & Committee Members

The National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE) held their 27th annual convention at the Phoenix Marriott Mesa Hotel in Phoenix where more than 20 trade exchanges attended.

The convention, hosted by Arizona Trade Exchange, consisted of seminars for trade exchange owners, brokers, and sales representatives. Along with the seminars and discussion panels, convention attendees had a good time this year at the many social events planned as a means for networking. Those events included the NATE Trade Out and the awards banquet that was held at the F1 Racing Factory � a fun place in and of itself.

Additionally, NATE offered Certified Trade Broker (CTB) training to attending brokers. Of the 20 brokers taking the exam, 14 passed and are now Registered Trade Brokers. After completing the rest of the training requirements, they will then move on to become CTBs.

We would like to congratulate the following elected additions to the NATE board and committees:

         Gary Oshry, of New England Trade, was re-elected as Board President.

         Ric Zampatti, of The Barter Company, was re-elected as Board Vice President.

         Danny Weibling was voted in as Board Treasurer.

         Rachel Taylor Hooper, of Alamo Barter, was re-elected as a Board Director.

         Rob Miller, of Arizona Trade Exchange, was voted in as a Board Director.

         Paul Richardson, of Arizona Trade Exchange, was re-elected to the Ethics Committee.

For more info on the recent convention click here or contact Lauren Pound at (678) 302-6772.

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