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Matchbin Barter Platform Providing Easy Entry Into $17 Billion Print Classified Market, Plus eBay & Yahoo

Located in Salt Lake City, was launched in 2002 as an online automated barter marketplace. The company has taken on a paradigm shift with the introduction of its �Community Marketplace� that enables entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations to own a web site that is locally focused, yet globally connected. The platform provides entry into the huge classified ad market.

Matchbin sees their proprietary program providing significant opportunities for Community Marketplace partners to be on the cutting edge of e-commerce, and create significant growth for their organizations. Matchbin says it currently has 275 communities nationwide.

The firm also offers other services, such as the Matchbin Storefront which is a retail site. A business of any size, can use it to barter or sell products and services to Internet users. There is a minimal flat fee of $39.95 per month.