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Marriott To Leave Timeshare Business

Three decades (28 years ago to be exact), Marriott International made the decision to enter the much-maligned timeshare industry. Marriott�s entrance, and sterling reputation did much to enhance and upgrade the industry. (Several other major players like Starwood Hotels and Wyndham Worldwide also followed them.)

Under the new exit plan, Marriott�s existing shareholders will own the new spin-off company; shares will become available by the end of the year. The new company has yet to be named and will control the management and the planning of timeshares properties, plus the unsold and under-construction properties.

Marriott�s timeshare business in 2010 had $1.2 billion in revenue, about 10.4% of the company�s total revenue.

Timeshare weeks are often traded on a direct basis by entrepreneurially-minded owners, as well as being offered through trade exchanges. The one- or two-week units themselves are also bartered.

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