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Tradesource, Inc.
2920 E Northern Avenue, Suite 104
Phoenix, AZ 85028
Phone: (602) 996-1557
Fax:     (602) 971-7447

One of the largest barter exchange networks in Arizona, with more than 800 members.  President Mary Ellen Rosinski has been active in the barter industry for decades and has served on the Board of Directors with IRTA.


Casablanca-style fans available: Complete with selection of ceiling fans with a 25-year or lifetime warranty.

Bally Total Fitness memberships.  One full year non-restricted membership national access - $700 - (All clubs in the nation) Memberships include: all benefits to the club that are available with a full access memberships. (These vary per club).

Luggage Sets: $395/per set; Order your set of 3-pieces plus tote bag of high-quality soft luggage by Westlake. Available in black/red/green/blue.

Interior Accessories/Giftware: Decorator items, including stained glass, art objects, Egyptian copper, geodes, crystals, glass vases, designer glass, porcelain dolls, mirrors, stained glass, bronze lighting fixtures, jewelry boxes, women's hand bags and many treasures from all over the world.

Slot Machines: Sales and rentals of Las Vegas One Arm Bandits and Japanese Slot machines.

Golf Equipment: Call for our selection of golf clubs and golf equipment.

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