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Marketing Expo Sponsorship Provides Excellent Opportunity For American Trade Exchanges

An astounding 40% of business owners in the U.S. have reported that the economy is preventing them from spending any money on marketing and sales, according to a survey released by American Express OPEN which is the company�s small business division.

That�s why we found an upcoming marketing expo ( in Carlsbad (CA) so interesting. In addition to exhibitors, six speakers have teamed up so as to conduct various workshops. The typical small business owner�s time constraints are well documented. Having a variety of marketing expertise and possibilities (products & services) in one location for quick, easy shopping makes perfect sense.

A trade exchange bringing all of its clients (who offer marketing services) together once a quarter for a one-day expo would be a fantastic service for the exchange�s membership. It would also be a valuable attraction for outside businesses, i.e. potential new members.

Marketing products and services on exhibit could include:

  • Advertising agencies

  • Marketing and sales consultants

  •  Ad-product specialty companies

  •  Mailing-list companies

  • Direct mail services

  • Web site designers

  • SEO (search engine optimization) companies

  • Copy writers

  • Graphic designers

  • Sign shops

  • Printing companies

  • Publishing companies

  • Radio stations

  • TV stations

  • Billboard companies

  • Writers

  • Newspapers

  •  Magazines

  • Chambers of commerce

  • Marketing associations

  • Business coaching services

  • Photographers and others

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