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Mardak Enthused With Hedge Fund Equity Investment

Don Mardak, International Monetary Systems� CEO, is smiling these days as he�s received an additional $3 million in working capital from Praetorian Offshore Ltd. It is the hedge company�s second investment in IMS...bringing the total to $4 million.

Under terms of the agreement, Praetorian acquired 7.5 million shares of IMS common stock at $0.4285 per share and received warrants to purchase an additional 3.5 million shares at $0.55.

Mardak says the money will allow the firm to execute current expansion plans and streamline its operations. For more information on IMS go to

Editor�s note: On Thursday May 11, the BarterNews cover story (in issue #61) on International Monetary Systems was downloaded from our web site 45 times. The PDF file is in our Trade Exchange Section, found under Barter Categories on the navigational bar.