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Marc DiBella Joins National Trade Banc As VP Operations

National Trade Banc announced that Marc DiBella, a prominent Chicago manufacturer, real estate investor and developer, has joined NTB as Vice President-Operations to help drive NTB�s acquisitions and other strategic initiatives. �Over the years, National Trade Banc has acquired numerous trade exchanges from New York to California, benefiting members and exchange owners alike,� said NTB President Heidi Flis. �With Marc DiBella on board, these efforts are moving forward with even greater energy than before.�

Mr. DiBella spearheaded numerous real estate projects throughout the Chicago region, serving variously as investor, developer and general contractor. He was an executive of both Continental Windows, a leading Illinois window manufacturer and supplier for construction projects nationwide, and the Lifetime group of companies, which handled distribution and general contracting plus management of publicly funded projects. At Continental and Lifetime, Mr. DiBella established barter divisions that saved these companies hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

�In the process,� DiBella recalled, �I came to know many trade exchange owners throughout the United States. I look forward to furthering these relationships and forging new ones.� He will also contribute his industry knowledge and management expertise to National Trade Banc�s corporate trading division and other initiatives.

For more information go to nationaltradebanc.com, or e-mail office@ntbmail.com.

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