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Los Angeles Unified School District Sets Up Barter Program

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), second largest in the nation with over 900,000 students, is embarking on its own in-house bartering program to potentially save millions-of-dollars by moving surplus assets efficiently and with little expense.

Barter21 software is being used by LAUSD as their trading platform.  The software has been customized to fit the needs of the patent pending Vorsetrade barter system, which is designed specifically for schools and other large organizations with surplus assets.

Scot Vorse, president and founder of Vorsetrade, is the mastermind behind the idea of getting public schools trading their excess inventory, such as desks, chairs and textbooks, for the items that they need. Instead of doing a direct trade, they can barter with their own internal credits. This is a barter exchange with an extraordinary twist, and a way to smartly reallocate resources that are sitting in storage.

Mr. Vorse came to BCL Soft to see if the existing Barter21 software could be modified to some very unique specifications. Thus, instead of starting from scratch and taking several years to develop, modifications to the already robust Barter21 software took only a few months to complete.

Schools in the LAUSD can now put their �for sale� items onto a trading floor. Items for sale are approved by the school district and made available for purchase � not with cash but with barter credits � to the other schools in its district. For example, instead of having too many student chairs and and not enough desks, a school can now �sell� the excess chairs and use the barter credits to �buy� the desks they need elsewhere in the system.

For the 2011�2012 school year, the budget for the LAUSD is approximately $7 billion. The potential savings to the district could be in the millions-of-dollars. Plans are in the works to take the Vorsetrade system to other school districts. Large budget or small, this system can potentially save a school district a substantial amount of money.

Barter21 by BCL Soft is the fastest growing barter and trade exchange management software in the industry. The patent pending Vorsetrade application of this versatile software is positioned to help school districts across the country save money, while still getting exactly what they need to provide a better education for students. With more and more school budgets being cut, schools are learning what businesses have known for years � barter allows a school, business, or organization to get the goods and services they need without spending precious cash.

For more information about the Vorsetrade System or Barter21 Software, call Catherine Cohen of BCL Soft at 623-242-2537 or e-mail her at

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