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Local Community Interaction Key To Future Prosperity

Thomas H. Greco Jr., author of Money & Debt, A Solution To The Global Crisis, stresses that the world has changed and local community interaction is the key to future prosperity in today�s unraveling economy. Greco, who has been a keynote speaker at IRTA�s annual convention, says we�re now in the early stages of �the great unraveling.� And the means to restoring resilience to our communities is taking action.

There�s a need to share, cooperate, and organize as never before � spend locally, save locally, and invest locally. Greco proposes we need to apply our dollar resources to projects that:

         Make the local community more self-reliant.

         Provide greater local security in food, energy, housing, water and other necessities of life.

         Improve the overall quality of life.

         Protect our savings against inflation of the dollar.

Greco also articulated that we must reduce our dependence upon banks and conventional money, by organizing private exchange systems that can be networked together to provide an interest-free and inflation-free means of payment while making credit reliably available to local productive enterprises.

Editor�s note: In book, Money & Debt, he pointed out that the compound growth of debt would eventually exceed the capacity of the real economy to bear it.

For more information see Greco�s blog and his web site

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