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Lasater Reports 24-Percent Growth For TTi

Gary Lasater, CEO of TeleTrade int�l, says that the economy within the world of organized trade and barter and the eValues proprietary worldwide barter systems is healthy and growing. Overall the year-to-date volume for the eValues platform is $42,359,409.20, which is nearly 24% better for the first three quarters of 2010 than over the same period in 2009. September 2010 saw a total volume of $4,510,324.85 which is an 11% increase over August 2009. September 2009 saw a 12% increase over August 2008.

(The YTD total volume for all worldwide platforms using its proprietary systems for the organized trade and barter industry showed figures of $50,903,019.90. Total transactional volume for all platforms since TTi took its systems online in 1999 is $772,072,602.77.)

The system is the world�s oldest continuous developed online-systems software, designed for independent trade exchanges. It enables trade exchanges to run their day-to-day operations through their browser and a good internet connection. Thus an exchange can run its local operations, plus have a seamless connection to the global marketplace.

For more information contact Gary Lasater at (303) 840-7172 ext. 101, or e-mail

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