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Karen Welch Names Her Biggest Competitor

One of the classiest ladies I�ve met in the commercial barter industry is Karen Welch. A conversation with Welch is always fascinating because she is quick, direct, and not afraid to speak her mind. She also runs a terrific exchange in Polson, Montana, www.WeTradeNetwork.com.

We recently had a chance to exchange some ideas, and the following is her perspective on several topics. . .

Barter prices: �I guess everyone has their way of doing things, but ln Montana we don�t buy overpriced products and services just because it�s available on trade. My biggest competition is cash. By far. People here simply won�t spend more than what is reasonable on trade.�

Our market: �I believe that we have a way, way different market here than most anywhere else. Our communities are very small, and it is impossible to just run through people as word gets around very quickly. We have to have a good reputation. Thankfully, I can barely keep up with the referrals that we�re getting now.�

Other comments: �I�ve been saying the same thing year after year about pricing and service, so much so that I�m beginning to get bored listening to myself. I�m on a major campaign to educate all of our new members on how to use their trade income to increase profits, and I�ve found your weekly e-mail Tuesday Report and the monthly Competitive Edge newsletter help me hugely. I appreciate your work. I also like your list of barter companies on the web site.�