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Jack Schacht Moves Into New Business Venture

Chicago-based Jack Schacht formed Illinois Trade Association back in 1983, and built it into the largest independent trade exchange in the country. In September 2006 he sold the company to IMS Barter, cashing out for millions.

Now the tenacious entrepreneur has moved in another direction with a brainstorm that will provide nonprofit organizations the ability to have their own internet store complete with their nonprofit�s logo. The store will offer over 10,000 high quality products with genuine, verifiable discounts.

The nonprofit organization will earn 30% of the gross profit and they�ll be able to ask for an additional donation at checkout. There is no cost to the nonprofits for their store and the program requires no additional staff or volunteers to maintain it.

Schacht will be working with advisors � associates who will call and introduce nonprofits to this new program. The new venture is expected to be up and running on July 15, 2010.

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